Walk the Walk – Week 4 Results


Updated: March 1, 2019 at 11:12pm

Be on the lookout…we’re having a celebration party over at Wolf and Crane sometime in the middle of March. More info to come soon!

Individual League

We started this league with 20 folks, and at the end of the competition we have 11 left! Congrats to the mighty contenders who were able to get at least 50,000 steps each week for the month of February!

The total steps for this week was 1,098,299, a slight decrease from our total step count last week of 1,196,230 steps. The total step count combined for the individual league was an impressive 4,810,552, which means participants averaged roughly 60,132 steps a week. That’s not too far from the 70,000 steps a week recommended by the American Heart Association.

If we say roughly 2,000 steps is a mile, steps from weeks 1 through 4 equate to a total of 2,405 miles…or about the distance of walking from Los Angeles, California to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania!

Top 5 Ranking – Steps for Week 4

NameSteps+/- Rank from Week 1
1.Bhavika P.107,617+2
2.Jaysn X.104,228+2
3.Cassy H.98,476-1
4.Avani P.74,185+3
5.Stacy O.72,855+1
  • Cheers to Bhavika P. for recapturing the top spot this week. Out of our 4 weeks, Bhavika took top spot 3 of those weeks. Congrats!
  • Cheers to Cassy H., Bhavika P., and Jaysn X. for making top 5 all 4 weeks of this challenge!
  • Cheers to our participants who walked at least 70,000 steps. This week we had 7 (only 1 less than last week)!
  • Cheers to Stacy O. for finishing in the top 5 this week!
  • Cheers to Dora Q. (29.96%) and Jenny Z. (17.72%) for the highest increase % in steps from week 3 to week 4!


  • Given that there were 20 participants in the beginning, and 11 fulfilled all that was needed to complete the Walk the Walk challenge, each of those 11 people wins $27.27 back! Congrats to those who completed the step challenge and are making an additional $7.27 πŸ˜‰ More info to come by email.

Total Cumulative Steps (Just for the heck of it)

NameTotal Steps
1.Bhavika P.419,495
2.Cassy H.409,333
3.Jaysn X. 374,120
4.Avani P.307,615
5.Stacy O.292,394
6.Kevin L.269,584
7.Jenny Z.267,573
8.Ron M.258,552
9.Kim W.249,000
10.Linda L.218,637

Team League

We. Have. A. New. CHAMPION! Congrats to our friends at LURN for rocking it this year in what seems to be the most competitive Walk the Walk team league competition we have ever had!

With a record-setting 173,090 step average, all competition aka ActiveSGV was blown away! Shoutout to ActiveSGV for a great putting up a great fight, but their team-high step count in week 4 of 151,305 steps was not enough to catch up to LURN’s overall total of…wait for it…148,875 steps. ActiveSGV would have needed over 190,000 steps this week to take the top spot. I will say though, props to David Diaz (of ActiveSGV) and his smack talking…it seemed to really motivate all the other teams!

When I asked LURN for a victory speech, this is what was shared:

Big thanks to APIFM for getting us all to move a bit more this month. We feel great! Also big props to all the teams who participated, especially @@@@ActiveSGV. We’re bumping 2pac!…Can you see us? Are you watching? Picture us walking.”

Rudy Espinoza

So there you have it folks, we have our second-ever winner of the Golden Wok. Team LURN, please start finding a nice spot in your office to show it off!

Oh…speaking of the Golden Wok, how did last year’s all-star champs do (JACCC)? They no doubt put up a good fight (102,255 step average for the month is no joke), but alas they finished in 4th place. They were beaten out by a hungry group aka Visual Communications, who started in 5th place in week 1 and clawed their way to a top 3 finish with a strong showing of about 125,000 steps both in week 3 and 4. Props to you Visual Communications for being the top Little Tokyo group, ahead of JACCC, LTSC, and LEAP! JACCC, when can I stop by to pick up the Golden Wok? πŸ™‚

What about last year’s 2nd place winners? Investing In Place finished within the top 5 this year. Last year, they ended the month with a step average of 88,945. This year they upped that 95,449! Last year JACCC was able to take it with 106,542…that would only garner you a 4th place finish this year. My how this game has changed in a year! We can only wonder how next year will be!


  • 1st Place: LURN – $800 and Golden Wok
  • 2nd Place: ActiveSGV – $400
  • 3rd Place: Visual Communications – $200

Team Rankings – Average Steps for Week 4

TeamAverage Steps% Change
3.Visual Communications124,920-0.59%
4.LA Walks96,1017.59%
6.First 5 LA94,05010.82%
7.Little Tokyo Service Center93,293
8.Investing In Place92,6887.76%
10.Advancing Justice – LA82,37511.73%
11.T.R.U.S.T. South LA (Tenemos
que Reclamar y Unidos Salvar
la Tierra – South LA)
12.Friends of the LA River77,980-0.43%
13.So Cal Edison74,447-1.89%
14. API Equality – LA 70,5222.58%
15.Thai CDC 66,0371.73%
16.American Heart Association 64,6608.19%
17.California Department of Real Estate 61,58411.05%
19.Kounkuey Design Initiative 57,686-1.04%
20.The Wilderness Society52,4176.48%
21.California Walks49,185-6.38%
22.Community Health Councils43,810-6.65%
23.LA Neighborhood Land Trust36,3797.31%
24.Senator Ben Allen 26,394-5.31%

Final Overall Rankings after 4 weeks

TeamAverage Steps
3.Visual Communications108,934
5.Investing In Place95,449
6.First 5 LA87,705
7.LA Walks85,011
9.Friends of the LA River79,114
10.So Cal Edison73,068
11.Advancing Justice – LA72,400
12.API Equality – LA67,614
14.T.R.U.S.T. South LA (Tenemos
que Reclamar y Unidos Salvar
la Tierra – South LA)
15.Thai CDC60,551
16.Kounkuey Design Initiative 57,800
18.American Heart Association56,700
19.California Dept. of Real Estate 52,410
20.California Walks49,831
21.The Wilderness Society48,322
22.Community Health Councils 44,980
23.LA Neighborhood Land Trust33,521
25.Senator Ben Allen17,474

A few notes on our whole competition:

  • 11 of our 25 teams averaged over 70,000 steps each week this month. That’s what the American Heart Association says our average weekly step count should be!
  • Of 192 participants this month, folks combined for a staggering 60,034,393 steps! Assuming 2,000 steps is roughly a mile, y’all came together to walk 30,017 miles, or the equivalent of walking from Los Angeles, CA to Warsaw, Poland 5 times!
  • Props to the stellar record large teams had this year! API Equality – LA, First 5 LA, American Heart Association, LTSC, So Cal Edison, Advancing Justice – LA, and Kounkuey Design Initiative all had at least 10 (some up to 18) team members. Competing and doing well with that big a team says something #teamwork
  • Props to Visual Communication (45.64%), LA Neighborhood Land Trust (36.65%), and LURN (34.79%) for the highest jump in steps from week 1 to week 4!
  • Senator Ben Allen’s team. Congrats on being the first-ever winner of our Tiny Wok award this year. The award is given to the last place competitor. Your award will be present at the Walk the Walk party coming up.

Oh did I mention there will be a Walk the Walk party later this month? More info to come, but we’re looking at a Tuesday in the middle of March. Just like last year, we will have a happy hour together at Wolf and Crane in Little Tokyo so you can meet you fellow walkers, and get a chance to take a pic with the legendary Golden Wok!

Thank you again for participating in the Walk the Walk Challenge!


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