Walk the Walk – Week 2 Results


Updated: February 15, 2019 at 6pm

Okay so week 2 is where #walkthewalk gets reaalllyyyy interesting.

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Individual League

We started this league with 20 folks, and now we are left with 17! Congrats to everyone who keeps striving for the 50,000 steps each week! Combined step total this week was 1,131,029!

If we say roughly 2,000 steps is a mile, combined with steps from week 1 that’s a total of 1,135 miles…or about the distance of walking from Los Angeles, California to Topeka, Kansas!

Top 5 Ranking – Steps for Week 2

Name Steps +/- Rank from Week 1
1. Bhavika P. 107,731
2. Cassy H. 94,268
3. Jaysn X. 89,726
4. Ron M. 83,762
5. Kevin L. 83,038 +3
  • Cheers to Bhavika P. who upped her steps by 11%, and shared with us her secret technique of pacing around the office during phone call meetings!
  • Cheers to our increase of participants who walked at least 70,000 steps. We went from 5 in week 1 to 9 this week!
  • Cheers to a few walkers who majorly upped their step game; Jenny Z. (42.69% increase), Kevin L. (32.28% increase), and Colleen O. (15.61%).
  • Jeers to sidewalks that aren’t made for pedestrians.

Team League

First off…to all those who are trying to bribe me for intel on other teams with popcorn chicken and boba…nice try! It always seems to happen after week 1 of this competition 😉

ANYWHO…major shakeup in week 2. Repeat after me. DE. THRONED. Sorry LURN, but your valiant effort of 140,382 steps average this week was surprisingly NOT enought to take the top spot.

Props to JACCC for showing a glimmer of their amazingness that took Walk the Walk by storm last year. It may be too little too late…and maybe time to start cleaning off the Golden Wok so we can give it to this year’s winner?!

Is it a battle amongst JACCC, Investing in Place, and Visual Communications for the 3rd place spot? I never expected a team to get 140k steps in a week, so I’m ready for any kind of surprise at this point!

Enough babble! Here are the numbers!

Team Rankings – Average Steps for Week 2

Team Average Steps % Change
1. ActiveSGV 144,581 18.36%
2. LURN 140,382 9.32%
3. JACCC 107,491 14.01%
4. Investing in Place 104,651 6.30%
5. Visual Communications 99,379 15.86%
6. First 5 LA 88,638 6.46%
7. Little Tokyo Service Center 88,603 21.77%
8. Friends of the LA River 83,845 9.87%
9. Los Angeles Walks 79,469 5.74%
10. So Cal Edison 76,294 16.22%
11. Advancing Justice – LA 66,948 0.60%
12. API Equality – LA 66,155 1.73%
13. T.R.U.S.T. South LA (Tenemos
que Reclamar y Unidos Salvar
la Tierra – South LA)
62,217 44.32%
14. KYCC 62,128 49.96%
15. KIWA 60,233 23.75%
16. Thai CDC 58,556 11.11%
17. Kounkuey Design Initiative 56,881 -2.50%
18. American Heart Association 52,810 6.55%
19. LEAP 52,473 -7.59%
20. California Walks 52,171 14.84%
21. Community Health Councils 49,427 24.34%
22. The Wilderness Society 46,678 3.81%
23. California Department of Real Estate 46,327 0.13%
24. LA Neighborhood Land Trust 37,181 39.66%
25. Senator Ben Allen N/A N/A

Congrats to ActiveSGV for bringing glory to the San Gabriel Valley. With a whopping 144,581 steps, they have dethroned LURN, at least for week 2! (see overall rankings below)

Of special note: they have a team of 9 people and as you know…getting a high step average with a larger team is no easy task, esp compared to LURN’s team of 6. Big victory. Big kudos.

When I asked ActiveSGV if they had anything to say to their rival, LURN, they shared:

Don’t @ us if y’all ain’t ready.

David Diaz

This may have something to do with the smack talk going on between the groups throughout the week (see below). #smacktalk

Overall Rankings

Team Average Steps
1. LURN 134,399
2. ActiveSGV 133,366
3. Investing in Place 101,549
4. JACCC 100,886
5. Visual Communications 92,577
6. First 5 LA 85,950
7. LTSC 80,683
8. Friends of the LA River 80,078
9. LA Walks 77,311
10. So Cal Edison 70,972
11. Advancing Justice – LA 66,750
12. API Equality – LA 65,593
13. Kounkuey Design Initiative 57,612
14. Thai CDC 55,628
15. LEAP 54,628
16. KIWA 54,453
17. T.R.U.S.T. South LA (Tenemos
que Reclamar y Unidos Salvar
la Tierra – South LA)
18. KYCC 51,779
19. American Heart Association 51,186
20. California Walks 48,801
21. California Dept. of Real Estate 46,298
22. The Wilderness Society 45,823
23. Community Health Councils 44,589
24. LA Neighborhood Land Trust 31,902
25. Senator Ben Allen N/A

A few notes on week 2 results: 

  • Amongst our 25 teams, only 24 teams submitted steps this week.
  • In overall ranking, only 1,033 step average separates LURN and ActiveSGV!!!
  • In overall ranking, only 663 step average separates JACCC and Investing in Place!!!
  • Compared to week 4 of 2018’s Walk the Walk, this group of teams is averaging much higher steps. Last year the average was 66,578. This week teams combined for an average of 74,313.
  • Of the 24 teams who submitted, the teams combined for a total of 197 team members who contribued 15,116,469 steps! This is an 11% increase from our steps from week 1! If you count 2,000 steps to roughly be 1 mile, our combined steps would take us from Los Angeles to Cairo, Egypt!
  • Our top 10 teams are averaging at least 70,000 steps, which is the recommended weekly step count by the American Heart Association (who are a little shy of that 70k!).
  • Props to KYCC (49.96%), T.R.U.S.T. South LA (Tenemos que Reclamar y Unidos Salvar la Tierra – South LA)(44.32%), and LA Neighborhood Land Trust (39.66%) for the highest percent increase in steps from Week 1 to 2!
  • Props to First 5 LA for their solid 6th place performance the past 2 weeks, with a team of 18!!!! You read that right…18!!!!
  • In our Battle of the Walks, LA Walks still leads CA Walks by quite a bit. This week LA Walks had a higher step average (79,469) than California Walks (52,171).
  • If you take a look at the overall ranking, there’s a battle also going on for 10th place. Does So Cal Edison have the…energy….to stay in 10th place ahead of Advancing Justice – LA and API Equality – LA?
  • Senator Ben Allen’s team. Still no word. Y’all okay? I’m worried!

Another reminder! Yes, the Team League is a competition. BUT I do want to remind everyone this is for fun, and it’s meant as a way to encourage us to be more mindful of how active we may be in a day. Many of the groups here are nonprofits or government agencies, and it may not always be built in for us to focus on our health. Let’s do our best to use this challenge to think of how we can incorporate health into our daily schedules!

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