HELLOO Walk the Walk challengers!!
We did it. Reflect on it…we challenged ourselves for an entire month to walk more and WE DID IT!
Total number of people in this competition (nonprofit and individual): 157
Total number of steps in week 4: 10,112,737
Total number of steps we have taken ALL MONTH: 40,263,113
Let’s put this into perspective; if we did a baton pass around the circumference of the globe, that’d be 24,900 miles. 40,263,113 steps, if we assume 2,000 steps is 1 mile, would be 20,131 miles. WOW!!
Usually I’d put this next section at the bottom, after all the results. However, this is a long email so I’m going to put this up here so you can all read.
So a few things to keep in mind!
  1. Walk the Walk Happy Hour/Awards Celebration: Join us March 21st, 5pm-7pm for a chill happy hour to celebrate on a great month of walking the walk. Come meet fellow participants, meet the many nonprofits who were involved, and put a face to the name of folks who upped their smack talk game for this challenge! Flyer is attached. Small snacks will be provided! Please let me know if you can make it!
  2. Continuing to walk the walk: I’ve seen interest in continuing this challenge. Send me your thoughts and ideas! While it may be difficult to host this every month, we are open to hearing what you have in mind!
  3. Payment: Winners…you’ll be contacted soon for your winnings! Expect an email soon! If you are that one person who hasn’t paid yet…I’ll be coming for ya!

Individual League
We are DONE! Give yourself a big round of applause! Some of my favorite stories over this past month:
  • “…it was so cold I didn’t want to leave my house/office so instead I walked in place & lots of jumping!”
  • “I went for a 9 mile bike ride up to griffith observatory instead of running one day which resulted in only 10k steps D: D:”
  • “I want to report that I lost 5 pounds this month. I think I was exercising a lot less than I thought I was and this challenge really opened my eyes.”
Great stories that capture the fun and challenging pieces of doing this challenge!
Let’s get into the numbers. Of 32 total participants in our individual league, 24 turned in their step count in for week 4. Combined step total this week was 1,869,476, bringing our 4week cumulative step count to…7,567,713 steps!
Did you already scroll down to look at the numbers? Because if you did, you’ll be blown away by the shakeup! Taking the #1 and #2 spots this week go to traci k.k. and Ana L.! traci k.k. CRUSHED it with 157,782 steps, the HIGHEST number of steps by one person in our entire challenge! You read that right…that’s more than our famed Walk the Walk winner from last year, Stephanie C!
But….SIGH….Stephanie C. has retained her title as the top step getter for the 2018 Walk the Walk Challenge. I mean, it was close at some points of this competition, but Stephanie C. locked it down with an average of 129,966 steps each week. I don’t know about you…but I train for the LA Marathon and I STILL can’t get that many steps in a week.  Oh in case you are wondering…the last time Stephanie C. won this, she had 598,867 steps! WHAT?! Oh she was training for the LA Marathon that time…
EVEN BIGGER BUT…this wasn’t a competition with only 1 winner. Everyone who did at least 50,000 steps per week wins! So we have 23 winners this year, who will be sharing a profit for participating 螺螺螺
Top 10 Ranking – Steps for Week 4
  1. traci k.-k. -157,782
  2. Ana L. – 131,752
  3. Stephanie C. – 127,072
  4. Duyen T. – 125,000
  5. Sandy Y. – 117,141
  6. Cassy H. – 99,867
  7. Amy S. – 98,928
  8. Kat C. – 84,323
  9. Craig K. – 80,626
  10. Denny C. – 77,613
Top 10 Ranking – Steps for Weeks 1 -4
  1. Stephanie C. – 519,865
  2. Sandy Y. – 482,686
  3. Duyen T. – 436,255
  4. Ana L. – 432,397
  5. traci k.k. – 418,272
  6. Amy S. – 406,396
  7. Andrew Y. – 397,548
  8. Cassy H. – 378,403
  9. Jenny S.A. – 334,754
  10. Craig K. – 315,861
  • Looking deeper into the numbers, both traci k.k. and Ana L. had the highest percent increase from one week to the next, at 65%, and 61% respectively.
  • If you took the top 10 steppers for this week, you’d see that we had the highest number of steps for the top 10 out of all 4 weeks this week. Total steps for the top 10 this week was 1,100,104, compared to the average of the previous weeks which was 1,043,785! Something motivated y’all to go all for it this last week!
  • Monica C. for sharing that this challenge not only motivated her to go to the gym, but her dogs also got walks in as well! Wohoo!
  • Amy S.Cassy H.Sandy Y., and Stephanie C. all made it into the top 10 spots each of the 4 weeks. Impressive!
So what does this all mean for everyone who did at least 50,000 steps for the entire month in our individual league? WELL I am glad you asked!
Total people in the beginning: 32
At $20 buy-in, total pot: $640
25% goes to APIFM as a donation: $160
Total available pot to split amongst winners: $480
Total 50k finishers: 23
Total winning amount: $20.87
*Follow-up email soon to come on how to cash in your winning $ 😉
Nonprofit League

Want an update on the battle for 2nd place? Yeah, I mean at this point, it is a lock-in of who won 1st place! Big congrats to the team at JACCC, who took not only the top spot every week in our 4 week challenge, but also is the first winner of our GOLDEN WOK! Over the 4 weeks, this badass team of 6 averaged an amazing 106,543 steps/week. You read that right. And if you ever got to see their step count confirmation sheet, you’d see that every single person on this team did their part, with one person MAAAAYBE slipping here and there by having 99,000 steps for the week.
JACCC, you wok. You really wok. *this is not the actual award no worries 😉
On a side note before you get lost in the numbers, I want to just give y’all a big shoutout for competing and challenging yourself and your fellow nonprofit folks to get more active this past month. We all know how difficult nonprofit work can be (especially at the beginning of the year am I right?), and we probably all know how easily we let our health take the hit when things get tough. Let’s remember to keep our health in mind as we continue into this year, and encourage our teammates and fellow nonprofit folks to take a break and grab some steps for gosh sakes! 😉
Nonprofit Rankings – Average Steps for Week 4
  1. Japanese American Cultural and Community Center – 111,753
  2. Leadership for Urban Renewal – 101,872
  3. Investing in Place/LA Walks aka Get to Steppin’ – 100,266
  4. API Equality- LA – 76,079
  5. California Walks – 73,377
  6. Pacific Asian Consortium in Employment – 71,647
  7. Advancing Justice-LA aka Wok It Out – 68,401
  8. LTSC – 64,601
  9. Koreatown Youth and Community Center aka La Caminata – 60,599
  10. OCA GLA – 60,281
  11. OCAPICA 3 aka Red Hot Chili Steppers – 53,208
  12. LA Neighborhood Land Trust – 51,540
  13. LA Food Policy Council – 50,289
  14. Leadership Education for Asian Pacifics – 49,425
  15. OCAPICA 2 aka Happy Feet – 48,659
  16. OCAPICA 1 aka 24k Gold – 46,584
  17. Empowering Pacific Islander Communities – 43,338
Nonprofit Rankings – Total Rankings (based off average steps)
  1. Japanese American Cultural and Community Center – 106,543
  2. Investing in Place/LA Walks aka Get to Steppin’ – 88,945
  3. Leadership for Urban Renewal – 81,302
  4. OCA-GLA – 68,954
  5. API Equality- LA – 68,810
  6. Pacific Asian Consortium in Employment – 67,199
  7. California Walks – 62,786
  8. Advancing Justice-LA aka Wok It Out – 62,730
  9. LTSC – 62,679
  10. Koreatown Youth and Community Center aka La Caminata – 59,324
  11. OCAPICA 3 aka Red Hot Chili Steppers – 56,589
  12. OCAPICA 2 aka Happy Feet – 56,255
  13. LA Food Policy Council – 53,179
  14. Leadership Education for Asian Pacifics – 52,710
  15. LA Neighborhood Land Trust – 48,933
  16. Empowering Pacific Islander Communities – 43,948
  17. OCAPICA 1 aka 24k Gold – 43,777


  • If you’ve been following the LURN/Get to Steppin’ rivalry, week 4 offered so much drama! YES, LURN evened it out, taking 2 weeks of the 4 in this fierce competition. They stepped it up with an amazing 101,872 step average, just barely inching out a win over Get to Steppin and their 100,266 steps. UNFORTUNATELY…in the final results…the first week steps were just too hard for the LURN team to make up in the following weeks! In this rivalry, Get to Steppin’ takes the gold! In case you’re curious, the LURN team would have had to average nearly 133,000 steps this week in order for them to surpass their friends. Shucks, maybe next year!!
  • Checking in on our self-named “Battle on Wilshire,” where we pit the different nonprofits who have offices along Wilshire Blvd., OCA-GLA slipped big time in week 4. In what was their weakest showing of the competition, they entered in a measly 60,281 steps average. This left ample room for others to step it up. And gosh did groups step up. API Equality-LAPACE and Advancing Justice-LA aka Wok It Out ALL surpassed step average ahead of OCA-GLA. But alas…OCA-GLA has taken it in the Battle for Wilshire. Just barely though. API Equality-LA (who must I remind you has a team 1.5 times larger than OCA-GLA, barely lost out to OCA-GLA, with PACE not too far behind!
  • In the battle for not last…this was a close one. It has been a neck-to-neck battle between EPIC and OCAPICA 24k GOLD. The overall winner of the least steps in this competition goes to our friends at OCAPICA 24k GOLD, with a razor-thin margin between the 2 teams (actually fewer than 200 steps average). Please stop on by the table at the entrance at the happy hour to receive your complimentary pat on the back!
  • Shoutout to LA Neighborhood Land TrustPACEAPI Equality-LA, and LTSC for rockin’ teams of more than 10 people this challenge. It’s definitely not easy to wrangle steps from all your teammates, so props to the team leads for taking the charge!
  • Highest jump in steps from week 1 to week 4? That goes to LURN with 164%.
  • Highest jump in steps from week 3 to week 4? California Walks with 9%. They also had the 2nd highest increase in steps from week 1 to week 4 at 48%!
  • # of pints of ice cream our teams ate trying to exercise/get steps: lost count! haha!

Prizes (which will be presented at the WTW Happy Hour!)

1st Place – JACCC wins the Golden Wok, as well as $500 for their team.
2nd Place – Get to Steppin’ wins $300 for their team.
3rd Place – LURN wins $100 for their team.
Remember to RSVP for the Happy Hour (flyer attached)!
Much love,