Finola Rodriguez, AKA Nola, is a young, spunky health educator dedicated to uplifting and empowering those living in under-resourced communities. She is not only passionate about delivering lessons that promote nutritional literacy, but she aims to do so through a lens that inspires self-care, mindfulness, and long-lasting sustainable lifestyles. At APIFM, she focuses on youth nutrition education, loves to engage youth through fun and interactive games, food demonstrations and gardening. Her internship with St. Jude Medical Center during her fourth year at UC Irvine sparked her passion for working with low-income communities, youths, education, and nutrition. Her mentor was a valiant St. Jude’s Community Registered Dietitian Nutritionist who helped Nola think altruistically in efforts to bridge access to fresh foods, quality education, physical fitness, neighborhood safety, and career opportunities. Her time there led to co-founding the Kids In Nutrition organization at UC Irvine and working for Americorps City Year as an academic interventionist for sixth graders in South Central Los Angeles. In her spare time, Nola enjoys going out for coffee, exploring art museums, making cards, meal-prepping and running.