Passion for APIFM: What I love about APIFM is that we drive communities to be healthy not in just one way, but through multiple avenues. Whether it’s teaching healthy cooking, eating, and living an active lifestyle, it all ties together. RunAPI <3

Work Affiliation: United States Navy

Bio: Eddie’s has spent his career in service of people, safe guarding national security assets, and protecting the most “at-risk” families in the world. Eddie is currently in service with the U.S. Navy Reserve and has participated in multiple military operations across the world. In conjunction with his military service, Eddie has led multiple protection details and has operated alongside many federal agencies such as the Department of State, United States Secret Service, and the Department of Homeland Security.

Fun fact: Want a milk-tea like drink at Starbucks? Try ordering a iced grande, black tea, no water, 4 pumps white mocha, 2 pumps classic, shaken. You’re welcome.