Nature for All

Discovering New Views of Nature

By Michael Manalo...

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Dancing with Nature

By Tina Sinlapasai...

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The Sound of the Mountains

By: Yuri Sakakibara...

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Finding Nature on the Porch

By: Wen Ying Liu...

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My First Time Hiking the San Gabriel Mountains

My favorite of hiking Eaton Canyon was seeing the waterfall itself because this was my first time hiking the trail! It did look smaller than I originally thought, but I heard this area changes throughout the different seasons, so I want to check it out again another time....

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Machiko’s Memories of the San Gabriel Mountains

Thanks to living near the trails in Altadena, I've been able to go hiking safely during this quarantine - on week nights and early mornings. I've seen a family of deer, rabbits, and even a bobcat. I've been able to notice the color of buckwheat turn from light pink in…...

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