API Forward Movement is committed to building movements for healthy change with the communities directly impacted. And we want you to #jointhemovement like these legendary people below:

APIFM Sustainers:

Viet Bui Carmen Chan Ranko Fukuda
Elizabeth Berger Joanne Chin Brian Kim
Jessica Jinn Ralph Degala Carol Lee
Craig Kaneshiro Heng Lam Foong Joanna Lee
Barbara Kim Lulut Garcia-Ladia Stan Tsukahira
Andrea Kimura Connie Lo Margaret Wang
Connie Lee Anne Manalili
Katherine Lee Keri Nishi
Yeun-Bin Lee Jonathon Nomachi
Mark Masaoka Jenny Park
Tracy Moronmatty Cash Only Productions
Dominic Tovar Roselma Samala
Leslie Toy Shay T D Tan
Kathy Pham May Wang
Jacob Phillips Sisi Zhang
Sabrina Yunus

Serving up healthy food and changing environments for the better is no walk in the park! It takes plenty of staff and resources. This is where monthly sustainers come in. Each dollar that is donated per month sustains our efforts in making real community change. By committing to a monthly donation of as little as $5, you can help us in the fight for healthier communities.

Sustainer Level Contribution Perks
Fresh $5 – $20/month
  • Recognition on our website and social media
  • Chinatown Fit Club Membership*
  • 1 Asian veggie enamel pin of your choice
Active $21 – $49/month
Roots $50+/month
*This perk resets annually based on the anniversary of your sustaining membership.