The Roots Food Hub is a program of Asian Pacific Islander Forward Movement with a mission to increase access to fresh, healthy, and culturally relevant food for Asian & Pacific Islander families in Los Angeles and beyond. The hub also seeks to create a more sustainable and equitable food system focused on reconnecting people to their food, the land, and the people who grow it. Here’s how it works:

  1. Farms: We partner with small local Asian American farmers to source fresh, pesticide free, and sustainably grown Asian produce. We also believe in building the capacity of the small farmers we work with by providing free business development trainings and workshops.
  2. Roots Food Hub: The produce is transported from our farmers to the Roots Food Hub where it is then sorted for distribution.
  3. Distribution: Produce is sold and distributed to local restaurants, corner stores/markets, schools, health clinics, and other institutions.
  4. Community: A portion of the hub’s profits are reinvested in community programs such as free healthy cooking/nutrition workshops, fresh produce donations to low-income families, and subsidized pre-made healthy meals.