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We Need Your Support: Committee Hearings on the San Gabriel Mountains, Foothills and River Protection Act

Our health doesn’t just come from the food we eat, but the action we take. APIFM is a huge proponent of running and hiking- and a great resource for this is the San Gabriel Mountains. Closer than Big Bear or Mammoth, the San Gabriel Mountains offer hidden gems like hiking trails, waterfalls, and camping grounds to all of Southern California.

To protect this land, the San Gabriel Mountains, Foothills and River Protection Act has been introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives to:

  • Expand the San Gabriel Mountains National Monument by adding approximately 109,143 acres
    in the upper Los Angeles River watershed;
  • Establish the San Gabriel Mountains National Recreation Area for the San Gabriel and San Jose
    Foothills and the Rio Hondo and San Gabriel Rivers comprised of over 51,000 acres;
  • Expand Wilderness area designations within the San Gabriel Mountains by 31,069 acres; and
  • Designate 45.5 miles of Wild and Scenic Rivers in the San Gabriel Mountains.

Please sign the Nature for All petition to urge Congress to pass these bills to ensure our threatened natural resources remain protected, vibrant and accessible to all, now and for future generations.

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Attention!! The petition is now available in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Vietnamese. We are in the process of translating it into additional Asian languages. Thank you for your patience!

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