Help us raise $5,000 to continue the groundbreaking work we do engaging and empowering local Asian American youth around environmental justice. See our full statement below.

The staff at Forward Movement are deeply concerned about what type of planet we are leaving for our youth and future generations. We need your help to fight back!

If you haven’t already heard, President Trump announced at noon today that the US is pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement. This ambitious agreement negotiated in 2015 with 195 countries at the table, promised an aggressive approach to reducing global warming. This was the world’s first comprehensive climate agreement, and now this president has left our planet’s future in much uncertainty.

We won’t take this sitting down.

The staff of Forward Movement need your support. Won’t you consider donating $10 towards our environmental youth work? Your donation will help us amp up the environmental programming we have done with youth in the San Gabriel Valley for the past 4 years. In partnership with Mark Keppel High School students, we have educated, engaged, and empowered local residents to care about environmental hazards, such as air pollution. From developing/building air sensors, to advocating for policy change with local elected officials, the youth leaders are fighting to make a better future.

Our goal is to raise $5,000, which will go towards staffing, program supplies, building of air sensors, and youth organizer trainings for school year 2017-2018. Any bit helps us, as our funding for this work has seen major cuts with a change of leadership at the US Environmental Protection Agency.

We thank you for your support of the youth, our work, and of the environment! Stay tuned for updates on how we’re creating a movement for healthier communities!

Much love,