General News:

NBC News: “What’s actually behind the low Asian-American obesity rate?”

Medical DailyAsian Americans More Prone To Obesity, Despite Lower Weights: The Hidden Risks Of Being ‘Skinny Fat'”

SCPR: “CDC ramps up study of Asian-American Health”

Statesman: “Officials try to raise awareness of Asian-American diabetes risk”

Tribune News Service:Health officials raise alarm on high diabetes risk for Asian-Americans”

Daily Mail: The REAL reason Asian-Americans have a low obesity rate: Typically obese Filipinos are mixed with underweight Koreans to create misleading BMI scores”

CCTV: “Dr. Ida Chen and Scott Chan are fighting obesity and diabetes in China”

Alhambra Source: Environmental nonprofit opens new office in Alhambra”

Alhambra Source: Life in Translation: Alhambra Considers the Language Question”

Civil Eats: Food & Race: 10 Years of Creating a More Just Food System


Air Pollution:

SCPR: The air out there: Traffic, pollution and children’s health”

SCPR: To fight an invisible problem, researchers and health advocates give teens pollution monitors”


Food Roots:

SCPR: From bok choy to daikon: Fresh, affordable produce to suit Asian tastes”

NBC News: Bok choy and bread fruit: How traditional crops fit a food secure future”

Alhambra Source: How ‘Food Roots’ Provides Locally-Grown Organic Asian Produce to People with Financial Need”

Asian Americana (Podcast): “002 – Roots CSA”



StreetsBlog: Reclaiming Public Space for Marginalized Communities: Bikes Don’t Fix Everything, But They Can Help”

LA Downtown News:  Pedestrian Dangers in Chinatown”

SCPR: Bound by freeways, Chinatown pedestrians face heightened danger”


Healthy Corner Store Work: 

LA Times: Turning the food desert of Filipinotown into an oasis of healthful eating”

Eastsider LA: Retrosuperfuture shines on Silver Lake; fresh produce hits Hi-Fi corner markets; Eastside’s essential pizza joints; Boyle Heights helps step up your taco game”

PS Mag: Finding Nutrition in the Food Deserts of California” 



Alhambra Source: What you need to know about the funding Alhambra has to build more parks”


Rethink Your Asian Drink:

AOL News: “Go easy on boba tea, popular beverage can be bad for your health”

Epoch Times: 全球糖尿病患者60%为亚裔 喝甜饮前请三思

JTBC: 한 컵에 ‘빅맥’ 칼로리…버블티 경고 경보

World Journal: 洛縣衛生局:遠離肥胖 小心亞洲飲料

ABC 7: “Boba Tea can Lead to Obesity and Diabetes, Health Experts Warn” 

KSCI-TV: 아시안 음료 주의해야

KTLA 5:Health Risks of Boba Highlighted by Local Organizations During Boyle Heights Event”

LA 18: [奶茶是否是健康飲料] 洛城18台晚間新聞07282016

Asian Americana (Podcast): “004 – Boba/Bubble Tea”