The 2020 AANHPI Health Summit Has Been Postponed

AANHPI Health Initiative

Our Mission

The Initiative’s mission is to bring AANHPI (Asian American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islanders) health issues to the forefront so they can be actively addressed and result in the elimination of health disparities in these communities, with a specific focus on Los Angeles County SPAs 3 and 4.

Core Goals of Our Coalition

  • Develop a strong relationship between AANHPI communities and the LA County Dept. of Public Health.

  • Advocate for Los Angeles County Dept. of Public Health to recognize, prioritize and address the AANHPI health disparities in this county.

  • Consolidate and coordinate the health work our organizations are already doing to eliminate duplication, while also building with our shared resources.

  • Analyze and tailor currently-used evidence based strategies to work for the AANHPI communities we serve.

Members of Our Coalition

Check out the latest report from our last AANHPI Health Summit. We put together a list of policy recommendations for LA County Dept. of Public Health’s Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP).