Let’s Learn about Edamame!

By Courtney Shojinaga, Health Educator...

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Local Leadership, Global Impact

Over the last 7 years, APIFM has been a leader on addressing air pollution in the San Gabriel Valley. Working in partnership with youth and local communtiy leaders, we have not only done education workshops for our region, but also have established an entire grid of air pollution sensors to…...

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Learning About Kale at KYCC’s Kids Town

By Courtney Shojinaga, Health Educator For the past three weeks, the preschoolers at KYCC have learning about one of the vegetables that they are growing in their own garden- kale! One health benefit of kale is its high content of Vitamin K, which aids with the formation of blood clots…...

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Kevin Goes to Sacramento

Last week APIFM staffer Kevin Liao made his first-ever legislative visit at an advocacy day hosted by our friends, the California Pan-Ethnic Health Network. APIFM has been a long-time member of CPEHN’s Having Our Say coalition, which brings state-wide nonprofit partners together to discuss key issues impacting communities of color…...

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“I Speak” Cards – An important resource

I often would accompany my mother whenever she needed to visit a government health insurance office. She didn’t feel comfortable in her English and needed me to clarify her words. However, as I grew older, I had more responsibilities in school and work. It became increasingly hard to find the…...

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