Kevin Goes to Sacramento

Last week APIFM staffer Kevin Liao made his first-ever legislative visit at an advocacy day hosted by our friends, the California Pan-Ethnic Health Network. APIFM has been a long-time member of CPEHN’s Having Our Say coalition, which brings state-wide nonprofit partners together to discuss key issues impacting communities of color across California.

Kevin flew into Sacramento from Burbank at a dreary 7AM to begin his jammed-pack day. For the first half of the morning, Kevin was able to learn about how federal and state dollars are spent then trickles down to local insurance agencies.

Kevin (left) and his awesome legislative visit group from Having Our Say coalition. Mihae, our dear friend from CPEHN (bottom right) was very excited.

Kevin had the opportunity to meet with Assemblymembers Adrin Nazarian, Anthony Rendon, Blanca Rubio and Shirley Weber’s office to discuss topics surrounding the future of Medi-Cal throughout the State of California. During his sit down with each of the Assemblymember’s Offices he was able to share APIFM’s thoughts on:

  • Increasing the budget for Medi-Cal so that all low-income Californians including undocumented residents can access care
  • Funding community-based health care navigators to help walk community members through applying for Medi-Cal, set up an appointment, and/or explain what resources are available to them
  • Improving the readability of the most important Medi-Cal document in threshold languages and English

After wrapping his very first round of legislative visits, Kevin packed his bags and returned back home just in time for dinner! That’s all in a day’s work.

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“I Speak” Cards – An important resource

I often would accompany my mother whenever she needed to visit a government health insurance office. She didn’t feel comfortable in her English and needed me to clarify her words. However, as I grew older, I had more responsibilities in school and work. It became increasingly hard to find the time to go with her. Sometimes she wouldn’t even go because she didn’t feel confident in going by herself and speaking in a language that wasn’t her primary.

What we didn’t know is that it is a State and Federal law for the government to provide free language interpretive services and translation to non-English and Limited English Proficient individuals. What this means is that government agencies are required to provide services in the language that an individual is able to completely comprehend.

The first step is to print out an “I Speak Card”. These cards are offered in a variety of languages and are easy to fill out. Asian languages include: Cambodian, Chinese, Hmong, Japanese, Korean, Laotian, Mien, Punjabi, Tagalog, and Vietnamese. To use these cards you just need to print and cut along the border lines, glue or paste the two sides back to back, and laminate the card, too, if you want it to be more durable. The cards have space you can write the individual’s name, and can be used in accessing numerous government programs and services such as housing programs, home care services, cash aid, Calfresh, and the list goes on. There are so many useful tools that provide help to people who may need it. “I Speak Cards” are just one of these tools that I believe can be widely utilized if more people knew about it!

I will definitely be printing out one for my mom!

Written by APIFM Intern, Leon Foster

Leon Foster is a Cambodian American senior undergraduate student majoring in public health at California State University, Los Angeles. He grew up in Long Beach in a mixed household. Leon plans to attend graduate school in the near future for Environmental Health.

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Intern with us this summer

If you are interested, please email a cover letter and resume to info@apifm.org!

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Pop-Up Produce Stand at Beardslee

Have ya heard?

We have a brand-new partnership with Beardslee Elementary School and City of Hope National Medical Center to host a pop-up produce stand! Once a month, we are bringing fresh produce from the farmers we work with through Food Roots to source 150 pounds of yummy fruits and vegetables to families at the school. You read that right…1-5-0 pounds! The produce is all local organic, and we work with all partners to ensure that pricing is fair and affordable!

Farmers markets aren’t easy to create and maintain. This pop-up produce stand is a simpler way for all of us to ensure that communities have easier (and more affordable) access to healthy fruits and veggies. Big shoutout to all the partners and volunteers who continue to make these pop-up stands possible.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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Air Pollution and Nutrition

Intern Emily Ng helped us do a deep dive into what we can do to protect ourselves against air pollution. Will eating the right thing help protect you 100% against air pollution? No. But it helps to know that these items below can at least help you stay healthier!

Download info sheet here

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Little Tokyo to Boyle Heights Bike Ride

Last Saturday (March 9th), APIFM partnered with Sustainable Little Tokyo, the Japanese American Cultural and Community Center, and Metro on a Jitensha Little Tokyo bike tour from Little Tokyo to Boyle Heights.

Fun fact: jitensha (written じてんしゃ) is the Japanese word for bicycle! It also means “self-driven vehicle.” It is comprised of two characters: ji (self), ten (turn, roll), and sha (vehicle, wheel, car).

Jitensha Little Tokyo is a coalition of Nikkei community organizers that organize bike tours for a healthy and sustainable Little Tokyo community.
Before this ride to Boyle Heights, the Jitensha LT crew hosted a few fun, community rides including a Watts to Little Tokyo ride, a Historical Little Tokyo ride, and a Nisei Week ride.

We had over 40 riders come out to learn more about the history of Little Tokyo and reconnect our historic Japantown with the history of Japanese Americans in Boyle Heights and the thriving Latinx/Chicanx community there now!

Key stops and speakers included the Japanese American National Museum and the Japanese American Cultural and Community Center with Scott Oshima, Hollenbeck Park with Kathy Masaoka of Nikkei for Civil Rights and Redress, Casa del Mexicano with Quetzal Flores of East LA Community Corporation, Evergreen Cemetery with Steve Nagano and Jeff Chop of Little Tokyo Historical Society , and Mariachi Plaza with Carlos Ortez of Un Solo Sol.

Riders had the chance to hear firsthand from community activist leaders about Little Tokyo and Boyle Height’s community struggle to sustain their history, culture, and legacy small businesses despite the waves of development and gentrification. Special thanks to all of our amazing partners, speakers, and the Metro Bikeshare for making this ride possible! Be on the lookout for the next #JitenshaLT bike tour from Little Tokyo to Sawtelle this Summer!

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Walk the Walk – Week 4 Results


Updated: March 1, 2019 at 11:12pm

Be on the lookout…we’re having a celebration party over at Wolf and Crane sometime in the middle of March. More info to come soon!

Individual League

We started this league with 20 folks, and at the end of the competition we have 11 left! Congrats to the mighty contenders who were able to get at least 50,000 steps each week for the month of February!

The total steps for this week was 1,098,299, a slight decrease from our total step count last week of 1,196,230 steps. The total step count combined for the individual league was an impressive 4,810,552, which means participants averaged roughly 60,132 steps a week. That’s not too far from the 70,000 steps a week recommended by the American Heart Association.

If we say roughly 2,000 steps is a mile, steps from weeks 1 through 4 equate to a total of 2,405 miles…or about the distance of walking from Los Angeles, California to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania!

Top 5 Ranking – Steps for Week 4

Name Steps +/- Rank from Week 1
1. Bhavika P. 107,617 +2
2. Jaysn X. 104,228 +2
3. Cassy H. 98,476 -1
4. Avani P. 74,185 +3
5. Stacy O. 72,855 +1
  • Cheers to Bhavika P. for recapturing the top spot this week. Out of our 4 weeks, Bhavika took top spot 3 of those weeks. Congrats!
  • Cheers to Cassy H., Bhavika P., and Jaysn X. for making top 5 all 4 weeks of this challenge!
  • Cheers to our participants who walked at least 70,000 steps. This week we had 7 (only 1 less than last week)!
  • Cheers to Stacy O. for finishing in the top 5 this week!
  • Cheers to Dora Q. (29.96%) and Jenny Z. (17.72%) for the highest increase % in steps from week 3 to week 4!


  • Given that there were 20 participants in the beginning, and 11 fulfilled all that was needed to complete the Walk the Walk challenge, each of those 11 people wins $27.27 back! Congrats to those who completed the step challenge and are making an additional $7.27 😉 More info to come by email.

Total Cumulative Steps (Just for the heck of it)

Name Total Steps
1. Bhavika P. 419,495
2. Cassy H. 409,333
3. Jaysn X. 374,120
4. Avani P. 307,615
5. Stacy O. 292,394
6. Kevin L. 269,584
7. Jenny Z. 267,573
8. Ron M. 258,552
9. Kim W. 249,000
10. Linda L. 218,637

Team League

We. Have. A. New. CHAMPION! Congrats to our friends at LURN for rocking it this year in what seems to be the most competitive Walk the Walk team league competition we have ever had!

With a record-setting 173,090 step average, all competition aka ActiveSGV was blown away! Shoutout to ActiveSGV for a great putting up a great fight, but their team-high step count in week 4 of 151,305 steps was not enough to catch up to LURN’s overall total of…wait for it…148,875 steps. ActiveSGV would have needed over 190,000 steps this week to take the top spot. I will say though, props to David Diaz (of ActiveSGV) and his smack talking…it seemed to really motivate all the other teams!

When I asked LURN for a victory speech, this is what was shared:

Big thanks to APIFM for getting us all to move a bit more this month. We feel great! Also big props to all the teams who participated, especially @@@@ActiveSGV. We’re bumping 2pac!…Can you see us? Are you watching? Picture us walking.”

Rudy Espinoza

So there you have it folks, we have our second-ever winner of the Golden Wok. Team LURN, please start finding a nice spot in your office to show it off!

Oh…speaking of the Golden Wok, how did last year’s all-star champs do (JACCC)? They no doubt put up a good fight (102,255 step average for the month is no joke), but alas they finished in 4th place. They were beaten out by a hungry group aka Visual Communications, who started in 5th place in week 1 and clawed their way to a top 3 finish with a strong showing of about 125,000 steps both in week 3 and 4. Props to you Visual Communications for being the top Little Tokyo group, ahead of JACCC, LTSC, and LEAP! JACCC, when can I stop by to pick up the Golden Wok? 🙂

What about last year’s 2nd place winners? Investing In Place finished within the top 5 this year. Last year, they ended the month with a step average of 88,945. This year they upped that 95,449! Last year JACCC was able to take it with 106,542…that would only garner you a 4th place finish this year. My how this game has changed in a year! We can only wonder how next year will be!


  • 1st Place: LURN – $800 and Golden Wok
  • 2nd Place: ActiveSGV – $400
  • 3rd Place: Visual Communications – $200

Team Rankings – Average Steps for Week 4

Team Average Steps % Change
1. LURN 173,090 12.68%
2. ActiveSGV 151,305 12.95%
3. Visual Communications 124,920 -0.59%
4. LA Walks 96,101 7.59%
5. JACCC 95,497 -14.55%
6. First 5 LA 94,050 10.82%
7. Little Tokyo Service Center 93,293 9.78%
8. Investing In Place 92,688 7.76%
9. KYCC 83,002 19.34%
10. Advancing Justice – LA 82,375 11.73%
11. T.R.U.S.T. South LA (Tenemos
que Reclamar y Unidos Salvar
la Tierra – South LA)
80,147 15.41%
12. Friends of the LA River 77,980 -0.43%
13. So Cal Edison 74,447 -1.89%
14. API Equality – LA 70,522 2.58%
15. Thai CDC 66,037 1.73%
16. American Heart Association 64,660 8.19%
17. California Department of Real Estate 61,584 11.05%
18. LEAP 60,224 2.71%
19. Kounkuey Design Initiative 57,686 -1.04%
20. The Wilderness Society 52,417 6.48%
21. California Walks 49,185 -6.38%
22. Community Health Councils 43,810 -6.65%
23. LA Neighborhood Land Trust 36,379 7.31%
24. Senator Ben Allen 26,394 -5.31%
25. KIWA N/A N/A

Final Overall Rankings after 4 weeks

Team Average Steps
1. LURN 148,875
2. ActiveSGV 137,998
3. Visual Communications 108,934
4. JACCC 102,255
5. Investing In Place 95,449
6. First 5 LA 87,705
7. LA Walks 85,011
8. LTSC 84,910
9. Friends of the LA River 79,114
10. So Cal Edison 73,068
11. Advancing Justice – LA 72,400
12. API Equality – LA 67,614
13. KYCC 64,027
14. T.R.U.S.T. South LA (Tenemos
que Reclamar y Unidos Salvar
la Tierra – South LA)
15. Thai CDC 60,551
16. Kounkuey Design Initiative 57,800
16. LEAP 57,028
18. American Heart Association 56,700
19. California Dept. of Real Estate 52,410
20. California Walks 49,831
21. The Wilderness Society 48,322
22. Community Health Councils 44,980
23. LA Neighborhood Land Trust 33,521
24. KIWA 27,226
25. Senator Ben Allen 17,474

A few notes on our whole competition:

  • 11 of our 25 teams averaged over 70,000 steps each week this month. That’s what the American Heart Association says our average weekly step count should be!
  • Of 192 participants this month, folks combined for a staggering 60,034,393 steps! Assuming 2,000 steps is roughly a mile, y’all came together to walk 30,017 miles, or the equivalent of walking from Los Angeles, CA to Warsaw, Poland 5 times!
  • Props to the stellar record large teams had this year! API Equality – LA, First 5 LA, American Heart Association, LTSC, So Cal Edison, Advancing Justice – LA, and Kounkuey Design Initiative all had at least 10 (some up to 18) team members. Competing and doing well with that big a team says something #teamwork
  • Props to Visual Communication (45.64%), LA Neighborhood Land Trust (36.65%), and LURN (34.79%) for the highest jump in steps from week 1 to week 4!
  • Senator Ben Allen’s team. Congrats on being the first-ever winner of our Tiny Wok award this year. The award is given to the last place competitor. Your award will be present at the Walk the Walk party coming up.

Oh did I mention there will be a Walk the Walk party later this month? More info to come, but we’re looking at a Tuesday in the middle of March. Just like last year, we will have a happy hour together at Wolf and Crane in Little Tokyo so you can meet you fellow walkers, and get a chance to take a pic with the legendary Golden Wok!

Thank you again for participating in the Walk the Walk Challenge!

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HEAL Intern Spotlight: Leon Foster

What have you been doing as an intern with APIFM?

While working with APIFM, I was part of numerous nutrition workshops tailored to older adults and young children. These workshops were no more than a hour long and contained tastings, demos, games, and review questions. It was a little nerve-racking at first to be thrown in a totally new environment and not know what to expect. However, the flow and process of each session turned out to be not only easy to fall in place with, but a delight to be a part of. Interacting with the people in the classes was not as difficult as I expected to be. Everyone was enthusiastic about the topics and interested in the material.

What do you like most about the work?

What I loved most was supporting the nutrition classes that took place at Castelar Elementary School, located in Chinatown. The classes were simple enough for elementary students to comprehend and fun enough for everyone to enjoy. The kids laughed, played, and wanted to share their knowledge of different food experiences. I too enjoyed talking to the kids about my experiences with food and how I learned to eat healthier. The lessons began with an introduction to fundamental knowledge of food groups, healthy eating, and skills that can be used later in life. These skills and knowledge were things like knowing how to use our five senses to examine food, how many cups of water should we drink a day, or why it’s important to have a diverse diet. Each class was meant to build on top of the previous class with fun game reviews and interactive activities to learn more.

Nutrition education workshop at Castelar Elementary

How do the children benefit from the workshops you support?

The kids were quick learners and of course were ecstatic to participate in games. The games were meant to be fun, but also packed with information about nutrition. They learned about a balanced diet containing all foods. They learned what each food group provides their bodies with such as better skin, stronger muscles, a healthier stomach, and more. They also increased their vocabulary with descriptive words to define the fruits and vegetables they were able to eat. At the end of each class there was a tasting of fruits and vegetables for the kids and everyone to try. In some cases the kids were hesitant to try to new food and in other cases the kids discovered a new delicious snack. This activity was especially exciting for them because they were able to handle the food. Not only were they playing with their food, but learning about it. Many of the children didn’t even know what the food was called and had never seen it before. This was a great way to push the kids to be brave and explore things they are not accustomed to. These experiences will not only benefit them in trying new foods, but also in general life. They will be able to push past their comfort zones and find pleasure in challenging themselves.

APFIM intern, Leon Foster, working with students at Castelar Elementary

How has this experience impacted you, and what are your future plans?

It’s great to be part of an organization so dedicated to creating healthier future generations. It was truly fun to wake up in the morning, knowing I would soon be surrounded by eager faces, ready to talk about healthy foods and try various vegetables and fruits. I loved being involved in a program that visits elementary schools and spends resources on children that might not have been given the opportunity to experience new foods. I believe this opportunity has helped me understand the importance of being able to present information to have the biggest impact communities. I want to improve the living conditions and environments for communities who are facing barriers. I plan to use these new skills to help me when presenting information to communities who can benefit from it.

About Leon

Leon Foster is a Cambodian American senior undergraduate student majoring in public health at California State University, Los Angeles. He grew up in Long Beach in a mixed household. Leon plans to attend graduate school in the near future for Environmental Health.

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API Foward Movement Lauches Healthy Eating Workshops at Castelar Elementary in LA Chinatown

Download this press release as a PDF.

In late January 2019, Asian Pacific Islander Forward Movement (APIFM) launched multiple healthy eating workshop series at Castelar Elementary School in Los Angeles’s Chinatown neighborhood. Each series is at least six weeks long, and aims to promote healthy eating behaviors such as increasing fruit and vegetable intake, reducing sugar intake, and choosing whole, unprocessed foods more often. The workshop series are currently offered in three first grade classes, two second grade classes, four third grade classes, and two fifth grade classes.

APIFM nutrition educators now visit classes on a regular basis to lead interactive nutrition curriculum and healthy recipe-making. In several series, the curriculum also integrates basic gardening skills to teach students how vegetables are grown.

“This program educates our students on eating and living a healthier life. The hands-on activities get our students motivated to make things on their own,” shared Castelar Principal Wing Fung.

These workshops are part of APIFM’s broader Healthy Eating & Active Living (HEAL) program, which is made possible by funding from Los Angeles County Department of Public Health’s Champions for Change – Healthy Communities Initiative. Champions for Change aims to improve the health of families and communities in California, especially those that are at greater risk of obesity, high blood pressure, and type 2 diabetes.

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Walk the Walk – Week 3 Results


Updated: February 22, 2019 at 10:12pm

How y’all feeling? Gosh has February been brutal huh? Rain. Cold. SNOW. The elements are out there against us to get steps this month!

If you haven’t already, join our Facebook group to hear about the latest updates, events to get some steps, encouragement, and of course…smack talk!

Individual League

We started this league with 20 folks, and now we are left with 14! Congrats to everyone who keeps striving for the 50,000 steps each week! Combined step total this week was 1,196,230, only a slight decrease from our total step count last week at 1,214,813.

If we say roughly 2,000 steps is a mile, combined with steps from weeks 1 and 2 and that’s a total of 1,776 miles…or about the distance of walking from Los Angeles, California to Chicago, Illinois!

Top 5 Ranking – Steps for Week 2

Name Steps +/- Rank from Week 1
1. Sandy Y. 130,030 +8
2. Cassy H. 123,479
3. Bhavika P. 107,185 -2
4. Jaysn X. 88,420 -1
5. Ron M. 87,466 -1
  • Cheers to Sandy Y. for not only having the most steps this week, but also for jumping up 8 spots to take #1. At 130,030, Sandy Y. also had the highest % change in steps, at 85.59%
  • Cheers to Cassy H. for maintaining a top 2 spot while also massively increasing steps by 30.99%!
  • Cheers to our participants who walked at least 70,000 steps. This week we had 8 (only 1 less than last week)!
  • Cheers to our first week with 3 walkers with over 100k steps, Sandy Y., Cassy H., and Bhavika P.
  • Cheers to Avani P., Sachiko O., Linda L., Kim W., Stacy O., and Cassy H. for 2 consecutive weeks of step % increase! Keep up the good work!
  • Jeers to many things that made it hard to get that step count this week including: 1. the flu season, 2. the lazy draw of Netflix, 3. being stuck in traffic.

Team League

Well, it’s pretty much a certainty at this point that our previous champions…those slick walkers over at the JACCC need to start shining that wok and saying their farewells. It’s looking more and more like they need to get ready to hand the GOLDEN WOK to this week’s first place team (and overall 1st place for the month team) LURN!

Major props to LURN for setting a Walk the Walk Team League RECORD at 153,611 step average for their team. WOW! If we say 2,000 steps is roughly a mile (not super accurate but let’s just go with it), that means each team member at LURN is walking nearly 77 miles a week. MIND BLOWING. Kudos to y’all! They easily took the top spot from last week’s champions, ActiveSGV. What happened?!?! ActiveSGV dropped 7.35% this week and are now behind roughly 7,000 average steps in the overall. Can they make a comeback in the last week, or will they have LURN’d their lesson? *slow clap*

The big other story this week is MAJOR props to Visual Communications. They finished strong this week with 125,660 step average, which is 26.45% higher than week 2! This shakes things up as we talk about who is going to make it into the top 3. JACCC holds onto the overall 3rd spot for the month at 104,508 step average, but Visual Communications is RIGHT THERE 103,605 step average. It’s a battle of Little Tokyo nonprofits (minus LTSC and LEAP…sorry).

Props also to Los Angeles Walks (89,322), who broke the top 5 for the first time, oversteppin’ our last year’s runner’s up (walker’s up?) Investing In Place (86,012).


Team Rankings – Average Steps for Week 3

Team Average Steps % Change
1. LURN 153,611 9.42%
2. ActiveSGV 133,957 -7.35%
3. Visual Communications 125,660 26.45%
4. JACCC 111,753 3.96%
5. LA Walks 89,322 12.40%
6. Investing In Place 86,012 -17.81%
7. Little Tokyo Service Center 84,980 -4.09%
8. First 5 LA 84,870 -4.25%
9. Los Angeles Walks 79,469 5.74%
10. Friends of the LA River 78,319 -6.59%
11. So Cal Edison 75,883 -0.54%
12. Advancing Justice – LA 73,725 10.12%
13. KYCC 69,548 11.94%
14. T.R.U.S.T. South LA (Tenemos
que Reclamar y Unidos Salvar
la Tierra – South LA)
69,448 11.62%
15. API Equality – LA 68,750 3.92%
16. Thai CDC 64,912 10.85%
17. American Heart Association 59,766 13.17%
18. LEAP 58,633 11.74%
19. Kounkuey Design Initiative 58,290 2.48%
20. California Department of Real Estate 55,458 19.71%
21. California Walks 52,539 0.71%
22. The Wilderness Society 49,226 5.46%
23. Community Health Councils 46,931 -5.05%
24. LA Neighborhood Land Trust 33,901 -8.82%
25. Senator Ben Allen N/A N/A

When I asked LURN if they had anything to say to their rival, ActiveSGV, they shared:

@ActiveSGV, emphasis on @

Rudy Espinoza

Yikes how you gonna respond ActiveSGV??

Overall Rankings after 3 weeks

Team Average Steps
1. LURN 140,803
2. ActiveSGV 133,563
3. JACCC 104,508
4. Visual Communications 103,605
5. Investing In Place 96,370
6. First 5 LA 85,590
7. LTSC 82,115
8. LA Walks 81,314
9. Friends of the LA River 79,491
10. So Cal Edison 72,609
11. Advancing Justice – LA 69,075
12. API Equality – LA 66,645
13. T.R.U.S.T. South LA (Tenemos
que Reclamar y Unidos Salvar
la Tierra – South LA)
14. Thai CDC 58,056
15. Kounkuey Design Initiative 57,838
16. KYCC 57,702
17. LEAP 55,963
18. American Heart Association 54,046
19. California Walks 50,047
20. California Dept. of Real Estate 49,351
21. The Wilderness Society 46,957
22. Community Health Councils 45,370
23. KIWA 36,302
24. LA Neighborhood Land Trust 32,568
25. Senator Ben Allen N/A

A few notes on week 3 results: 

  • Amongst our 25 teams, only 23 teams submitted steps this week.
  • In overall ranking, there’s a tight race for the top 3 spots. Who will get the gold, silver and bronze??
  • Interestingly enough, last week’s average step count was slightly higher at 1,783,518 avg steps, compared to this week’s 1,783,496.
  • Of the 23 teams who submitted, the teams combined for a total of 192 team members who contribued 15,066,718 steps!
  • Our top 11 teams are averaging at least 70,000 steps, which is the recommended weekly step count by the American Heart Association. That’s one up from last week!
  • Props to KYCC (68%), T.R.U.S.T. South LA (Tenemos que Reclamar y Unidos Salvar la Tierra – South LA) (61%), and LA Neighborhood Land Trust (27%) for the biggest % increase in steps from week 1 to week 3!
  • Props to Visual Communications (26.45%), California Dept. of Real Estate (19.71%), American Heart Association (13.17%), and LA Walks (12.40%) for the highest percent increase in steps from Week 2 to 3!
  • 10th place is within reach for MANY teams. Right now So Cal Edison has a lock on that top 10 finish, but Advancing Justice – LA, API Equality -LA are not too far away. A solid week 4 could change things up big.
  • Senator Ben Allen’s team. At this point I’d like you to know there’s a trophy we have for the last place team. I’ll start shining it up for y’all 😉

I’m still leaving this here because competition gets fierce!

Yes, the Team League is a competition. BUT I do want to remind everyone this is for fun, and it’s meant as a way to encourage us to be more mindful of how active we may be in a day. Many of the groups here are nonprofits or government agencies, and it may not always be built in for us to focus on our health. Let’s do our best to use this challenge to think of how we can incorporate health into our daily schedules!

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