Chinatown Office: Wish List

We moved into our comfy Chinatown satellite office early last month. No worries, you did not miss the grand opening! Before inviting our friends and families over, we wanted to clean up the space and get it well furnished. Once fully operational, this space will be our headquarters for healthy eating/active living programming we are running for API communities in Chinatown, Historic Filipinotown, Little Tokyo, and Koreatown!


In order to open our doors, we need your help! We’re still short items for our new office and would appreciate any of the following items. We will gladly write a tax donation letter for all donations given to us.


  • wall decals
  • culturally relevant decorations
  • office tables (5)
  • side table
  • office chairs
  • trash bins
  • couch
  • lockable cabinets/drawers


  • microwave
  • mini-fridge
  • hot water pot (similar item)
  • office supplies – staplers, tape, binder clips
  • all-in-one printer/scanner


  • cleaning supplies
  • Brita Filter

*Updated May 9, 2017

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Be Forward and Sustain the Movement

With the current state of our country and the new administration, we are faced with leadership that wants to move us backward–to roll back the rights and access we have fought so hard for in the name of racial, social, economic, and health justice. We are challenging this affront with a clear emphasis on pushing forward.

For those who can, we ask you to reach deep and support our work by becoming a monthly sustainer. We want to continue fusing advocacy, education, and leadership development, so that the people who are directly impacted are the people driving not only the conversation, but also the change. A donation of even just $5/month goes a long way in helping us fight for vibrant, long-lasting, and healthy communities.

From March 16th to March 23rd, we are organizing a sustainer campaign to find at least 30 sustainers to support API Forward Movement. These 30 will be recognized and immortalized in the API Forward Movement history books as the very first sustainers of our work!

Don’t get us wrong; being a sustainer also comes with perks. Take a look at what comes along with the great feeling of knowing you helped an awesome community-based org.

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